My 6 Secrets For Keeping A Healthy Veg Plot

veg_plot_tipsEver since I retired in Somerset, England, I spent most of my retirement caring for my vegetable garden.

I have loved gardening since I was young, but while I worked in the city as a mechanic, I never had the time or the space for a real veg plot.

Instead, I kept a little herb garden by my kitchen window that my wife would occasionally pick from when seasoning some dishes.

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My 30 Minute Unique Planter Ideas

I once kept a herb garden by my window, and I remember that even though it was just a tiny window planter, I was incredibly proud of it.

When I moved to Somerset, I decided that even though I now have a beautiful garden, I still want to fill up every window sill with beautiful plants.

In fact, while I keep most of my vegetables in the garden, I still keep my smaller plants like my herbs in beautiful planters.

However, I did not want to use just any old planter — I wanted to go with something fun and unique.

Since I was a mechanic, I am also quite skilled at various DIY projects, because I have a very logical brain. In fact, my first planters were made from re-purposed warehouse shelving, converting the pallets into stacked vegetable planters.

Here are a few more tips I came across while researching about it online on DIY forums.

Mini-Planters-on-FenceFence Planters

This is one of the easiest planter ideas I came across. Simply purchase some plastic pots, and if you have a wooden fence, simply nail them onto your fence.

This is a great space saving measure and is perfect for small, lightweight plants. You can even paint the planters to make them look especially beautiful.

Boot Planters

I have tonnes of old rain boots that I have lying around. My children have a few old ones that they have outgrown, so instead of throwing them away, I simply punched a few holes into the bottom to allow water to leak out, and filled the boots up with soil.

Like the fence planters, you can nail this up on the fence or on a wall.

Tire Planters

This is actually pretty common sight. If you have old tires or know where to get them, you can turn them on their side and turn them into tiny gardens.

You can also paint these tires to make them look more colorful, though the tire tread already gives it an interesting pattern.

Colander Planters

Colanders already look like flower pots because they already have holes to drain from. Take a rusty old colander that is not suitable for food any more, and repaint them to turn them into flower pots.

Check this video out for further tips (not mine)

Picture Frame Planter


Get an old picture frame and add a tray on one side to create a herb planter.

If you want a vertical hanging planter, add a chicken wire mesh over the top and hang it vertically.

Certain plants, such as various succulents, can easily survive in a vertical surface with very little watering required.

 Muffin Tin Planters

Perfect for small herbs and other plants, the muffin tin planter is a great idea for when you want a miniature garden right there on top of your table.

You can plant a different one in each tin, and keep it anywhere inside the house.

Even if you do not have a lot of space, beautiful planters can be made out of anything if you are creative.